Breaking in your sling

Breaking in is the process of softening the slings. Though our slings come pre-softened and ready to use, below are some tips on how you can quickly make yours even more snugly.

Before first use it's best to wash your sling in order to start breaking it in. Wash in cold water and lay flat to dry. Our linen is pre-softened, but if you would like it even softer, you can start doing a little work to break in your sling and it will go a long ways towards making it more comfortable and easier to work with and adjust. Some of our favorite methods are to steam iron it, run it through the rings, run it back and forth through the crib rails, braid it, or use the donut method. Friction will be your best friend here!

How to thread a sling

Tummy to tummy carry with a newborn

Hip carry (for unassisted sitters)


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The shoulder feels uncomfortable: For the most comfort in the shoulder the fabric should be spread wide, part ways down your arm and off of your neck. Making sure the rings aren't too low or high is important here - they should be at corsage height.

My baby fusses when I put them in: Some babies love the sling right away, others need time while you're both learning something new, so try to be patient. Those ring sling naps and sweet snuggles will come with a little time! Many babies need to be on the move once they're in the sling, so once you're adjusted go for a walk - even if it's just around the house!

Other great ring sling tutorials: Here are some great videos - everyone describes it a little differently and that might just be what you need to make it click for you!

Ring Sling Tips

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